Author Eden Klinedinst joins TMN Editorial Team

Dear Mommies,

It is my pleasure to introduce a new featured blogger on The Mommies Network. Eden Klinedinst is mom to a 1-year-old boy, Blaise, and author of Letters to New Moms: An Unusually Honest Look at the First Year. She has volunteered to write a bi-weekly column on our network blogs and we’re excited to have her on our Editorial Team!

Having read Eden’s book, it’s my pleasure to share it with you and encourage each of you to read it as well. Reading her letters, I was transported back to that time when Caroline and Caty were in this stage, reliving each emotion, each fear, each high and low right along with Eden as she shared her own experiences and feelings about each. It reminds me of why we are here at The Mommies Network, to be a support to moms like Eden around the country, and encourages me to continue to strive to be that to the mothers who need us.  I encourage all moms to read this book – everyone can take something from it — an understanding that we are all, despite our differences, a lot more alike than it might seem.

We are excited to have Eden on board as a blogger on our Editorial team and look forward to hearing her insights and experiences as she moves into the toddler years with Blaise!

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My Review for Letters to New Moms: An Unusually Honest Look at the First Year on

For the past fourteen years, I have worked with mothers, seeking ways to support them as they navigate the exciting, terrifying world of motherhood. I’ve read countless books on mothering, seeking to learn more not only for my own benefit as a mother of two, but to better understand the other mothers around me and seek to see the world through their eyes and experiences, as well as my own.

Upon opening Eden’s book, I was immediately transported back to my own daughter’s first year, that exciting and scary time when you feel a bit like a “poser” not quite knowing what to do with this tiny human being. Right from the start, I identified with her fears and her joys, and enjoyed reliving my daughters’ first years while reading about her son’s.

I was struck by how honest Eden’s voice is – in a time where so many mothering topics are “controversial,” she approached them with implicit honesty, sharing equally her successes as well as her doubts and regrets. Her thoughts and experiences mirror those of so many mothers and provide a beautiful, insightful look into the myriad of emotions that a new mother feels – that not every decision is simply black and white.

This book is exactly what it says it is in its title – it’s not an instruction manual filled with checklists and thinks you must do to be the perfect mom. There are plenty of those books out there and most parents have at least a couple on their bookshelf. Instead this book seeks to share Eden’s experience as she begins to develop an identity as a mother, and provides each individual reader the opportunity to identify with that experience in their own way. For a new mother, Letters to New Moms is akin to a sister or friend, sharing her own experiences in the hope of supporting and encouraging you as you have your own.

I wholly encourage every new mom to read this book, to understand that she is not alone in her fears and her doubts, that the “perfect world” she sees on Facebook every day is not a true reflection of what exists in reality – and that reality of motherhood is far closer to what she herself is experiencing for each and every one of us.

But not only that – I urge all moms to read Letters to New Moms – to remember that incredible time in the first year when every day was filled with new discoveries, to re-experience the joys and fears of your child’s first moments, and to inspire you to share your own experiences with these new moms, who can benefit from your knowledge and support.

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